A Team Member is an individual-contributor to a project and/or the Code for Fort Collins organization. Basically, this means you sometimes show up to meetings or participate in Slack. Ideally you do that regularly. Just doing those things means you have the follow responsibilities. (Don’t worry, it’s not many.)

Responsibilities of a Teaching Team Member include…

  • Follow our Code of Conduct (http://codeforfoco.org/code-of-conduct/). The too-short executive summary that should most work: don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do at work, and you’ll be fine.
  • Respect meeting space. Primarily, clean up after yourself, don’t take things that aren’t clearly intend for you, and be friendly and respectful.

A Great Team Member will additionally….

  • Be positive and proactive when solving issues. See something not working great? Without being a sour Steve (there’s not a real Steve we’re calling out here), respectfully raise the issue with leadership. They will (or at least should be) happy and sympathetic and work with you to come to a positive outcome.
  • Be consistent and accountable. We know that Code for Fort Collins is volunteering and as such will be something you have to fit into the rest of your life. You don’t need to be at every Thursday meeting, or be consistently available in Slack. But do things you commit to, be where you say you’ll be, and people will be happy to have you.
  • Add value to the group by looking for new opportunities, new ways of solving group problems, and new ideas that would make the group more effective at best serving the technologies needs of northern Colorado citizens.

Team Member count and capacity

We want as many team members as we can get. There probably is an upper bound on the number of team members that each active project should have (5-10 seems likely), but other than that the skies the limit. You should become one!