Project Leaders facilitate, work on, and maintain a project that will be accomplished by the brigade. They ideally also are willing and able to hold the Teaching_Member role.

Project Leader responsibilities include…

  • Maintain and keep up-to-date the GitHub repository for the project. This means keeping the README up to date, making sure there are at least a few accessible GitHub issues on the project. It also means assuring that code that has been written is pushed to the repository regularly, and that pull requests are responded to in a timely way.
  • If the project has one, maintain and nurture the relationship with an external stakeholder to get the project completed and deployed.
  • Maintain and keep up-to-date the Slack channel for the project. When questions are asked there, you respond helpfully and in a timely way (ideally within 24 hours). When progress is made on the project, you share an update with the channel.
  • Facilitate collaboration of project team members. As a leader, your role is as a conduit of knowledge and updates about the project between other brigade members. So you connect “Learning” and “Teaching” team members (including yourself) and help them succeed together.

Project Leader roles

Ideally, each project will have two co-leads. They will share the above responsibilities, and hold each other to account for them. If needed, one leader can manage a project. In the event that a (sole) Project Leader resigns, the Brigade Captains assume the role of Project Leader until at least one replacement is found.

If finding a new Project Leader proves impossible for the Brigade Leaders for three months, the project will be retired.