PR/Social Media team member(s) will manage and support the public profile of Code for Fort Collins by maintaining social media accounts and the blog.

PR/Social Media Team Member responsibilities include:

  • At least twice a month, posting to CFFC social media (currently Facebook and Twitter) that meetings are occurring that week, or have occurred.
  • Intermittently, also sharing stories about technology, civic tech, or Fort Collins that would be of interest to both members and the wider community.
  • Intermittently publicizing project milestones and accomplishments. This should surely be done when requested by a project leader, but will ideally also happen sometimes without their asking.
  • As requested, sharing other content from Team Member’s that makes sense for the accounts and the team generally.
  • Maintaining an active attention on the brigade blog, as eye toward making it an active “heartbeat” for anyone looking to investigate who it is an what it does.