Meeting Leaders manage and support meetings held by the Brigade twice a month. Brigade Captains also have this role.

Meeting Leader responsibilities include:

  • While Brigade Captains are responsible for maintaining meeting leadership responsibility, individual meeting leaders should be generally available to lead as needed. If they’d like, they may lead meetings regularly, though this isn’t required.
  • Within the space of the meeting, it is a specific Meeting Leader’s job to run the meeting. Either a Captain or Meeting Leader will do this. This means explaining CFFC to new members on relevant nights, facilitating problem solving for issues that arise in the standup, and communicating broader issues to Brigade Captains.
  • At each meeting, the specific Meeting Leader will make brief notes of attendees and their plans during the standup. If possible, following up with anyone after that has happened in welcome. This notes should be posted in the #general channel of Slack.
  • Arriving at least five minutes early for meetings for which you are the primary lead. Letting people in for at least five minutes before to five minutes after the scheduled meeting start time.
  • Being trained and approved by the Cobere team to have access and allow members into meetings.

Meeting Leader capacity and count

The Meeting Leader role should be held by five (5) members at a time. While it doesn’t need to be a direct relationship, being a Meeting Leader is a great stepping stone to be becoming a Brigade Captain. But we also need people who can and will simply maintain the Meeting Leader position for years. Either form of interesting is welcome.