The Homeward 2020 Long-term Homelessness Data Dashboard -- Making Homelessness Rare, Short-lived, and Non-Recurring

Our ongoing community-wide engagement aligns local service providers, government entities, business leadership, faith communities, civic groups, and community effort to understand local homelessness, explore best practices and ideas, and implement local solutions together. Homeward 2020 also convenes a Community Collaborative monthly. Collaborative members bring a range of professional, civic and life experience to their passion for Homeward 2020’s mission, strategy, and success.

Project Summary

Provide community with insights about homelessness

Homeward 2020 wanted to start to compile reports about long-term homelessness in Fort Collins. Gudrun jumped at the opportunity to use a cool new tool: Tableau, and make a great report. The team from Homeward 2020 (Holly LeMasurier and Marla Cleary from the Murphy Center) did the hard work of collecting all the data, but we helped them with the tech side. And while the project is complete, we still do a bit of WordPress support from time to time :)

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Project Status:Completed

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