Connect firefighters (on non-emergency calls) with community resources that they could be benefiting from

We put out fires!

Project Summary

Empower firefighters to better serve their community

In short: if an older person calls 911 because they fell, a firefighter can pick them up. But typically they don’t have the ability to do much more. This project fixes that by connecting that firefighter to knowledge and power to quickly call an organization in town that sells walkers, bed railings, etc.

Project Goals

There exist a lot of good services in the Fort Collins area, offered by governments, NGOs, etc. And Poudre Fire Authority fire fighters (in their roles beyond putting out fires) are often on the front-lines of community interaction. But few of the fire fighters actually know a lot about the services on offer. They often wish that they could help people more when leaving their community interactions. For example: they may be called to help a currently-homeless person outside on a cold night, but not know where a warm shelter is. Or they may be called to someone whose house is cold (but housed) in winter, but not be able fix a broken heater. But a service might exist for that use.

So the goal of this project is mostly to offer an “app” to these firefighters that helps them know quickly which services are offered. The idea is that it would serve as a quick “wizard” where they can answer a few questions (order and qualifying question text is approximate here and will change):

  1. Is this person… needing food assistance?
  2. Is this person… needing groceries?
  3. Is this person… a resident?
  4. Is this person… an adult?
  5. Is this person… a veteran?
  6. Here are the three listings – want to call them?

Possible Stretch Goals

Our first project will certainly be to empower out fire-men and -women to better connect the community to resources. In doing so, we’ll create one of the most up-to-date data sources about currently-offered resources in Fort Collins, and have some good sense of how to help people navigate them. That is super powerful. So offering that data to partner-agencies, to the public, and in a publicly-accessible way (read: on a website) could easily be a phase 2-99 of the project.

Non-goals (thing we explicitly do not intend to do)

This is not a service (e.g. hot meals) to be offered.

This is not (currently) a public website.

This is not replacing services like 211.

This is not doing outreach in the community beyond the proposed role of helping firefighters in the calls they already service.

Project Meta

Project Status:In Progress

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