Volunteer Core

The Volunteer Core project is a web app that assists in better management of Volunteer Core operations. It will track and provide matching suggestions of volunteer partners, opportunities for volunteers, and volunteers. Later features could include communications to build out functionality similar to a CRM.

Firefighter Service Directory

In short: if an older person calls 911 because they fell, a firefighter can pick them up. But typically they don’t have the ability to do much more. This project fixes that by connecting that firefighter to knowledge and power to quickly call an organization in town that sells walkers, bed railings, etc.

Homelessness Dashboard

Homeward 2020 wanted to start to compile reports about long-term homelessness in Fort Collins. Gudrun jumped at the opportunity to use a cool new tool: Tableau, and make a great report. The team from Homeward 2020 (Holly LeMasurier and Marla Cleary from the Murphy Center) did the hard work of collecting all the data, but we helped them with the tech side. And while the project is complete, we still do a bit of WordPress support from time to time :)

Solar Scorecard

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Since the Climate Action Plan goal is in terms of aggregate 2005 greenhouse gases (ghg), for our purposes we will focus only on the emissions due to electrical. Based on Fort Collins 2015 Community Carbon Inventory, we will assume that 50% of emissions are due to electrical activity.


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Election Information

Larimer County provides information about elections at a precinct level, but the information is provided as a table of statistics. We are striving to improve the explorability of the data by building a website that lets Larimer County citizens view results on a map, compare precincts, and discover ways to reach out to elected officials.

Fort Collins Bike Co‑op

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The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping Fort Collins biking. To do this they provide classes, refurbish and donate bikes, and divert good bikes from going to the landfill.