Code for Fort Collins is very grateful for Cohere’s in-kind sponsorship of our meeting space. Here’s what they have to say about themselves :)

Are you tired of noisy coffee shops and their unstable WiFi? Has your startup outgrown the garage? Do you love working at home but long to bounce ideas off of someone other than the cat?

We believe that by working in close proximity to other creative, talented people, we can all become stronger, more successful, and more inclined to put on pants in the morning. We call this no-brainer “coworking.” Working independently-but-together saves money, boosts the local economy, and reduces our individual impact on the environment. Many of our members experience significant increases in productivity and profit within a month or two of signing up, just ask them. Becoming a member of the Cohere Coworking community gives you unlimited access to the collective intelligence of the members, high speed wireless internet, free coffee (and sometimes snacks!) and a variety of seating options–all guaranteed to be free from the distractions of home and the din of the coffee shop.

If you’d like to visit, give us a little heads up so we are sure to be here for you.