This is the second installment of “lightning talks” as part of the FCx collaboration, held on Febuary 5, 2020. For more information, see the project at the Our City portal.

What was presented?

How the Census data is used in our community.

City of Fort Collins

Tim Campbell OpenData Project Manager This is the first time that the census can be filled out online, the data is confidential and cannot be used for law enforcement.

State of Colorado

Elizabeth Garner State Demographer Highlighted some population trends in Colorado:

  • Colorado has about 5.7 million residents; expected to grow at 1.4%, which is about twice national rate (slowest US growth rate since 1930s Great Depression)
  • Native births contribute more to the CO population growth than migration; compared to the average resident, migrants are younger, lower income, higher educational attainment

Health District of Larimer County

Suman Mathur Evaluator & Data Analyst

  • An uncounted person represents a loss of ~$2,200/year in public funding. CO received $15 billion for health and human services through 55 federal spending programs in 2016.
  • Health District of Larimer County conducts a tri-annual survey on a sample population, uses Census data to extrapolate needs of general population in our community

City of Fort Collins

“Ryan” The city uses Census data everywhere…but more specifically:

  • Apportioning the 6 city council districts; there can’t be more than a 10% difference in population among the districts
  • Sidewalk prioritization or community garden locations: the city takes location of vulnerable populations into account along with other factors

Q&A, Fun Facts

  • Children and students (west of CSU campus) are most likely to be uncounted in the Census
  • Millennials killed everything
  • Census questions are relatively stable, difficult to add questions to the Census

Everyone counts, taking part in the census is your civic duty!

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