This is mostly my sharing my disorganized notes from the meeting, so you might be asking David (me) for more details if any of this is unclear.

Outline pre-meeting:

  • Q3/4 recap and accomplishments (David)
  • New member nights: off-sites, FCx, etc (David)
  • Standard Project Requirements (Steven)
  • Fund raising purposes, goals (Steven)
  • NoCoTech Party Raffle in Jan (David) – specific plans for that
  • Should we run hackathon(s)? (Steven)
  • Leadership transition(s) in 2020 (David)
  • MOU with CFA (David)

Our Actual Meeting Notes/Minutes

Q3/4 2020 Recap

  • Threw the first FCx event at the library in September
  • Honored by Volunteers of America – (Kelly mentioned “A Little Help” as an organization in town that might be able to use help like the VoA)
  • Started testing the Fire Department app
  • Went to Brigade Congress!

New Member Nights

  • We want to attract more non-profit partners, more non-coders who want to work in the organization
  • It’s got two parts: what are we doing, and how do we get people to show up?
  • Goals
    • (Steven) Build out a on-boarding email sequence to fill the role of telling people to come and see
    • (David) Run one of these Q1 (March):
      • Case Study event about what went well in a partnership and how
      • Panel discussion where we intersect things like “Marketing” and “Non-profits” or “Technology”

Status of current projects

  • VOA app – done but for search
  • Fire Department – in testing, not sure
  • SAINT – Matthew Stanford starting
  • CERP – maybe dead
  • Bike Co-op – Rachel is commencing follow-up
  • Talking to Veterans – unstarted

Kelly mentioned the idea of helping make sure non-profits aren’t creating overlapping services.

Standard Project Requirements

Steven is going to write up the ten questions we learned to consider before starting a project at Brigade Congress. David thinks it’s great.


What are we raising money for?

  • Food and drink
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Buying tools for us or partner organizations? Yes and no
  • Fund prizes for hackathons/competitions
  • Monetary rewards for people contributing to our products?
  • For grants, Kelly thinks getting money for hackathons is easier than “we’re running quarterly meetings for this sake”


  • One of the big reasons to throw this would be that it’s easier to raise funds, both from grant makers
  • Timelines are generally 60-90 days before the event that you should have applied

NoCoTech “Raffle”

  • Kelly highlights that it’s not a “raffle” and there is a “suggested donation” and not a cost.
  • [David-action] Ask Jules about getting things for this
  • [David-action] Confirm that we can buy “prizes”


  • David is leaving in Nov 2020 (for about a year)
  • Steven is still thinking about possibly moving out-of-area if there’s a great job offer
  • Changing the “outreach team member” “role” to a “board seat”
  • [David-action] Ask CFA about board, and publicly publish roles and who fills them

Code for America Memorandum of Understanding

David will sign for us the year, and answer the relevant question.