Fundraiser Recap

We raised $500 dollars, only about $10 of it at the event.

How to Spend the Money

Ideas discussed:

  • Appreciation lunch/dinner/etc
  • Buy supplies (and nothing else)
  • Buy advertising on Facebook to promote events (like with the city)
  • Buy pizza for meetups and advertise it on them
  • Throw a party
  • Have token gift (tshirt, baseball cap, etc) for people who make 5 code pushes, attend meetings

Proposal: bring food to new member nights. Pizzas, platters, popcorn. Steven will manage it and ask David (etc) for help as needed. APPROVED

There will be pizza in August.


How to make meetings more effective for people?

Rename “Work Night” to “Project Night”. Rename “New Member + Work Night”

Rework project ideas so that they’re easier to find and easier to get to work on –> Add “Problem”/”Proposed Solution”/”Next Steps”/”Outcomes” as a core part of the offering on each listing

Continue regular socials?

Yes, keep them. Where should we do them? Move them around town a little more. Wild Boar next time.

Projects inventory and health-check

  • VolunteerCore – slow, stuck on the search issue
  • Firefighter Service Directory – David checks with Durkin about the demo
  • CERP – exists

Managing Things

  • Do we need more documentation of projects? “How to get this app running” is a minimum standard/goal for every project

Filling Roles?

We’ve got roles, what do we do with them?

Do we want to run elections?

We talked about a board, David will write up more of the procedure

What are our concrete needs as an organization?

  • Maintaining GitHub account (David/Steven)
  • Maintain the Meetup Listings (David)
  • Posting to social media (???)
  • Maintain the blog (David)
  • Food for meetings (Steven)

National Day of Action (Civic Hacking) on Sat Sept 21

Alex is thinking he’ll run something this day, but Steven and David aren’t committing

Brigade Congress

  • Seems that it will be the weekend of Oct 18-21 in Cleveland
  • All three of us will try to go, but none of us are sure of our schedule

Action Items

  • David will check with the library about food being OK
  • David will make more complete more complete documentation (blog post) about the board process
  • Next time: A more complete inventory of organizational need and goals should be made