Let’s put it up front: starting in August 2019, Code for Fort Collins will be meeting at the Old Town (Fort Collins) Library on Peterson Street. The storied old building will be our home for the foreseeable future and we’re really excited about it.

A Big Thanks to Cohere

We can’t talk about our new meeting space without expressing our gratitude for the place that has hosted us for the last few years, Cohere Coworking on Howes Steet.

When Angel and the team reached out in early 2017, we were a homeless group needing any support we could get. They’ve provided us great power outlets and internet, and a beautiful productive space to make big progress on both the PFA service directory and our volunteer database projects.

Why Meet at the Library?

So, why the swap? Mostly that we’ve got some great partners at the Library District, and the Old Town library in particular: Eileen McClusky and Ian Holmes, who have been very welcoming and flexible.

We also have pretty similar priorities as the library: we’re here to serve the community with no real expectation of reward. We’re just trying to help people in whatever ways they let us know they need help.

And soon we’ll have a new home to be even more effective in that work! 🎉