It’s summer. But Code for Fort Collins is growing and changing! Come take part :)

Code for America

We’ve identified as a Code for America Brigade for our whole existence. But we were never on the map due to some workflow issues. We are now. Proudly shown as a dot on the big Brigade map. Check it out! Thanks to Tom and Veronica from CFA for helping us make that a reality.

On a related note, David (that’s me; self-promotion alert) wrote up some thoughts about what working in Code for Fort Collins has been like.

Thanks to Cohere

Cohere Community has been generously offering us free coworking space all year. In addition, they threw a party for us (and other meetups that use the space) at the end of June. The party was a great time, and a helpful to strengthen ties to the rest of the Fort Collins community.

We had about 30 attendees, and we also owe a debt of gratitude to Women Who Code for making sure that everyone had something good to drink. Cheers to them!

Solar Scorecard

Solar Scorecard is a project to track how the city of Fort Collins is doing on its renewable energy and solar production. It uses Vue JS, and a Material design template. Plus some bad JavaScript code, for which David carries the blame. The project made some big strides recently when David, Ian, and Jason got together to solve some of the most important road-blocks. Coworking at the CSU Powerhouse on Saturday (June 2), we made the site use real Fort Collin’s data, live from the city’s API. That means the data reflects how the city is actually doing on it’s climate goals. Punchline: good but not great.

As you’ll see if you check the site, there’s a lot of cool possibilities there, but the project could use some great words. (It currently has none on the site.) If you’re interested in helping out, join our Slack and post your interest in #solar-scorecard. We’d love your help!

Leadership Matters

David, Dan, and Ian are in the process of meeting with the other Code for America Brigades of Colorado (Code for Boulder and Code for Denver). Just today (July 2), we met with Code for Denver and made new friends with Michele and Will. We’re learning a lot about how they work, and how our brigade can be better from what they’ve learned. Hopefully, we’ll continue those conversations on a consistent basis. We’re planning to chat with them every-two-months. If you’re interested in joining those conversations, or simply getting involved in leadership of our brigade, do not hesitate to reach out in Slack. (@davidbhayes welcomes any commentary or volunteers on any channel you can find him.)

Finally, NoCo Tech Meetups Slack

If you’re just looking to be more involved in the community of Northern Colorado technology, check out the Northern Colorado Tech Meetups Slack. While Code for Fort Collins maintains our own Slack (, if you want an invite), there are lots of people from lots of different Meetup grounds in the NoCo Tech Slack. Check it out, make friends :)

David (,

PS: I’m trying to make this a regular (monthly) blog post and email. If you’d like to write it, or have other thoughts on the idea, let me know.

PPS: We’re not meeting this week, the first week of July. While we typically would, we had no host available for July 5. So we’re meeting on July 12th for new member night instead.