In last week’s Code for Fort Collins meeting we collectively decided that we would embrace a looser organization process. We had used a few consecutive meetings trying to figure out what we’ll do having completed the (not-quite-live) site for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op.

What this means is that we’re intending to have a looser confederation of teams working on projects they are most passionate about and spend less time making decisions about what the whole group will work on at once. The specifics of what this looks like and how it all works are still in flux. But that’s the direction we’re heading.

Our hope is that this will let people who are passionate about a specific issue utilize the support of the group and pursue their specific goals of learning specific technologies or creating products that they want to make for the Fort Collins community.

Find Code for Fort Collins Meeting Minutes

We’re also working to make sure meeting minutes are a little easier to access. That starts with this link here to where our meeting minutes PDFs are output:

Our hope is that a little more dedication about linking these (and making sure we’re taking them) will help people who have to miss a Thursday meeting (or three) know what’s been going on in the time they’ve been away.