Code for FoCo Elevator Pitch

Code for Fort Collins is a volunteer organization who develops technology-driven solutions to challenges faced by charities, government agencies, and other groups within the city. Our mission is to create a community where no good technology project goes undone without for want of access to expertise.

Our members are all community members who want to have a positive impact on Fort Collins. By finding problems, refining solutions, and building them out, we grow professionally as well an making a concrete impact in our community. We’ve partnered with the Poudre Fire Authority, Homeward 2020, the Poudre River Library district, the City of Fort Collins, and lots of other organizations you’ve heard of.

What Code for Fort Collins Does

Code for Fort Collins meets biweekly. On Thursday evenings you can reliably find a group of 5-10 gathered, staring at laptops, possibly drinking beers, and definitely trying to make the city better by creating projects of values. We talk too—often about nerdy things like VPNs, VR, jQuery, and bikes.

We’re also always looking out for new projects, new partners, and people who want to learn and work with us.

We typically have a few projects going at once. Ideally, each project has a few captains and if you show up on any given Thursday we can explain to you what we’ve already got going or could help you get your project rolling. Admittedly, things aren’t always ideal. But please never hesitate to stop by and find out what’s going on.

You can also follow what’s going on on our blog.

Why We Do What We Do

The heart of our motivation to create and continue with Code for Fort Collins is our love of two things: technology and Fort Collins. We’re always hoping to build great things with technology and help the community.

Sometimes, we can bring those two things together. We’re always up to help you organize a hackathon, a day of code, or something else. And if not, we’re also able to nurture products along and build things that clients need.

How You Can Help Code for Fort Collins

As mentioned above, we’re always looking for projects, coders, and non-coder volunteers. Know SEO? We could use your help. Know marketing? We could totally use that help. Just have a great idea? Check out our ideal project guide.

We’re alway open for more coders as well. Whatever your level of expertise we’d be happy to help you help your community. If you’re new to the web we’d be happy to help you make sense of HTML, CSS, and some server-side language. If you’ve been around the block a few dozen times, we’ve always got a need for competent people to lead, manage, and contribute to projects.

Come join Code for Fort Collins whenever it works for you. You can see our upcoming events here, and join us on Slack if that doesn’t work for you.

What is Code for America?

  • A national-level organization that (among other things) shepards brigades like us
  • In totally they have ~70 brigades
  • They are our fiduciary (money-manager) and our legal protection
  • We are bound to them with an MOU (memorandum of understanding)
  • We’re in control of brigade day-to-day
  • We decide direction, projects, etc. They support us.
  • Their values page is a great reference: