General Updates

Jordan mentioned the Brigade Congress is Oct 13th to the 15th in Philly:

Code for America and the National Advisory Council are excited to invite you to the Brigade Congress in Philadelphia on October 13th - 15th.

This will be an unconference event where we will break out into discussion sessions. Sessions will be driven by you, the participants. Be ready to share your stories on what has worked, what hasn’t, and how we can apply to those lessons to future wins. We’ll tackle how to prevent burnout, talk about your local needs and how to solve difficult problems. We’ll talk about our shared values and share how Brigades across the country are working for change.

We’ll have more information about how to submit sessions to share your story and learn from others as we get closer to the date. However, one of the broad goals will be alignment around core vision, mission, values, and operating principles, and you can see a draft of those here and start to leave your feedback even before the event!

Who is invited?

If you work in your community to put technology to work in service of our local communities - then we want you!

Project Updates

Solar Scorecard

  • Ian had a meeting to introduce John Phelan and Olivia:

    …introduced Olivia to the head of renewables at the city and they got excited about uploading lots of data to Socrata. They also really got excited about comparing themselves to Boulder.

  • Dom made some nice progress: pie chart for ratios, code refactor, add boulder data to chart.
  • Using a template now instead of JS for everything.


Dan got shot down by Dems and Reps on getting data.


  • Dan
  • Megan
  • David
  • Jordan
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  • Dominic
  • Jeremy
  • Ian
  • Hermano del Ian