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  2. Steady Stream Pitch
  3. Steady Stream Discussion
  4. Project Updates
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Steady Stream Pitch

  • “I’m not here so much to pitch, but more so for a sanity check.”
  • “Resources you need when you need them.”

Problem Statement

  • Fundraising amounts to glorified begging.
  • Conventional model gives power to benefactors.
  • Beneficiaries compete to win favor of patrons.
  • Funders expectations of measurable results are unrealistic.

Proof of Concept

  • Started off on 1000 Grandmothers FB Page
  • Grandmothers don’t want to go to standing rock.
  • $25 donation = a poster of themselves at standing rock so grandparents can stand with their kids at standing rock.
  • It worked and provided a steady stream of revenue.

Steady Stream Concept

Steady Stream is person-to-person micro-fundraising that enables people who want to do good things to raise money fromtheir circles of trust.

Prototype / MVP

Give non-profits and individual do-gooders control over the capacity to solicit funds for what they need, when they need it.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Describe the needs.
  3. Set amount for spigot.
  4. Place it on website.
  5. Turn it on and tell everyone.

Competition in non-profit funding space


  • Foundation grants
  • benefactors and gifts
  • memberships
  • endowments and trust

New Entries:

  • Mission-driven businesses develop products
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Facebook widgets
  • Paypal

Competitive Differentiation

  • Accessible, simple.
  • Takes advantage of the nonprofits network of trusted friends and allies.
  • Empowers NGOs to identify and itemize priorities to meet immediate need and engenders accountability for fulfillment.
  • Empowers benefacors to resource the priortit projects or items they align with.

Steady Market potential

  • 1.5 million nonprofit orgs are registered in the U.S.
  • The wider market non-registered social good projects run by individuals or small groups.

Business Sketch

Possible revenue models

  1. Free app & steady stream reserves precentage of each transaction
  2. Free APP, cost/spigot
  3. App available for purchase outright.

Contact Info

Elissa J. Tivona:

  • etivona@gmail.com
  • elissa.tivona@colostate.edu

Project Updates

Solar ‘Skor’card


Launch Noco







  • David
  • Darlington
  • Dominique
  • Jordan
  • Steady Stream Team:
    • Elissa
    • Glenn
    • Daughter