General Updates

Don’t mess with the keg 🚫🍺! Or anything else beyond the front entranceway for that matter. Mesh sent Aari an email about our meeting last week regarding this.

David’s summary:

Here’s the story on the beer: Please don’t use any resources beyond the (intermediate) glass doors when we’re at Mesh. We can do pretty much whatever in the front meeting room, and can use the lobby and the bathrooms when we’re at Mesh. Our pulling from the keg last week was spotted on the camera footage and wasn’t appreciated.

Project Updates

Pretty quiet this week.

Solar Scorecard

  • Ian posted a CSV of Boulder’s construction permits open data, which may be easier to use as sample data than our approach now.
  • Tonight: integrating that, hopefully have it in the demo soon.

CFFC Website

David knocking out some issues.


  • David H.
  • Dominic
  • Ian
  • Jason
  • Robbie