Jordan brought news of a possible hackathon we would help Sam Houghtling from CSU organize in the late fall (~Apr/May 2018).

Project Updates


Talked to the county clerk – she was worried about politicization and didn’t have a solution other than the PDF of data (as a rasterized image) without any other sources. Today they are working on how to extract the data from that map.

Solar City

Is moving to chart.js. And they had a great meeting Olivia at the city about rattling more cages to make sure that the solar data comes out in a better format than the PDFs they have.

Launch No.CO

Darlington is starting on his site-specific plugin and will commit tonight.

Reclaim FoCo

No progress, the city should let us know if we move on TOMORROW!

CFFC site

David is working on minutes.


  • Jordan
  • Dan L
  • Kevin
  • Ian S
  • Dominick
  • Matt
  • Daniel C
  • Darlington
  • David H (minute taker)