Here is the new procedure to taking minutes:

  1. Go to
  2. Open the minutes template file, it is named “”.
  3. Click the “Raw” button near the top right of your window. That should open you that document with nothing else in your browser window.
  4. Copy the full content of the file.
  5. Go back to the minutes folder ( in the repository
  6. Click the “Create new file” near the top right of the window.
  7. Name the file, it should have a name like “”.
  8. Paste in the contents copied from the template.
  9. Fill in the blanks in the template. You’ll know they are blanks because there are lots of underscores/underlines. You can mostly save the structure, or be creative if it’s failing you.
  10. Commit/PR the minutes when you’re done. It’s the button at the bottom of the screen you’ve taken notes on. You’ll either see “Commit changes” or “Propose new file”, which you see will depend on your access rights to the repository. Either will work, though if you see “Propose new file” you may want to tell Jordan, David, or someone else with access rights that your minutes ended up as a “Pull Request”.